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Coronavirus: What To Know & What To Do

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COVID-19 Announcement

During this time of crisis, we are offering deep cleaning and disinfecting services to businesses who remain open to serve the community, or facilities that are looking to have their employees return to work, and for any work environment after a confirmed case of COVID-19.

We do so using EPA registered disinfectant and electrostatic sprayers. The process uses disinfectant technology that covers all surfaces to kill germs, bacteria and viruses. Our expertise and professionalism for over a decade gives you peace of mind to safely operate your business.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

Our Three-Step Process

Using a cleaning detergent, we clean/dust all horizontal and vertical surfaces such as counters, cash registers, desks, door handles, and keyboards, floors, workstations, and any exposed item in your work environment.

Manually spray and wipe with EPA registered disinfectant and dwell in order to kill all germs, bacteria, and viruses

Using an electrostatic sprayer and EPA registered disinfectant, we spray all hard and soft surfaces in order to kill all germs, bacteria and viruses.

How We Can Help Your Business

Deep cleaning and disinfection of work environments that include wiping clean surfaces and then disinfecting surfaces. This service can be performed for clients that are either operational and have employees working in shared environments, like an office, warehouse, or larger facility. If your employees are working from home, we can have their office cleaned and disinfected, so when employees return to work, their work environment has been safely protected. Their peace-of-mind and confidence will be insured knowing this service was provided during these challenging times.

Enviroclean USA's Disinfection Processes in Action

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